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Bunin was little known in the United States until he received the Nobel Поль клодель стихи for literature, the first Russian writer to do so. By then he had decades of поль клодель стихи literary activity behind him. In the intensely group-oriented literary milieu of turn-of-the-century Russia, Bunin largely remained a loner, working within the realist поль клодель стихи in prose but enriching it with a powerful lyric element. He traveled abroad a great deal and used exotic locales as settings for many of his works. An outspoken opponent of the Bolsheviks, he emigrated to Paris and ironically, years after his death, he became celebrated in the Soviet Union as a major writer. Bunin's themes are diverse, ranging from a changing Russia to the universal human experience. Born into an impoverished rural-gentry family, he often wrote about the decline and passing of a way of life. A number of his works, such as поль клодель стихи remarkable short story "The Gentleman from San Francisco" 1915may be read as allegories of human encounter with the transcendent. In later years, Поль клодель стихи grew increasingly preoccupied with problems of sexual attraction and death, evidenced in his last collection of stories, Dark Avenues 1930. In 1933 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Bunin died in 1953. Назва Волошин Автор Видавець Litres, 2013 ISBN 5457113477, 9785457113473 Обсяг 150 стор.



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